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December 2020

What Building a Global Drug Development Plan Looks Like [Part 1]

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Just like an architect needs the building’s blueprint before starting a project and a pilot needs to have a flight plan ready before takeoff, pharmaceutical companies need to prepare a global drug development plan before commencing operations.

This development plan serves as a pharmaceutical roadmap, giving clear direction, identifying critical paths and potential issues, and steering pharma companies toward success. Read More

Stethoscope and scientific medical data showing pharmaceutical research concept.

Data Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry: What Does the Future Hold?

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The pharmaceutical industry has research and development at its core. The sector remains highly dependent on quality data to introduce effective drugs in the market. In addition to facilitating pharma scientists, an information system plays a crucial role in facilitating different departments of pharma organizations. It serves as an ally that guides the industry through discovery, development, and clinical trials. Read More

Professional pharmaceutical consulting can help pharma businesses streamline their drug manufacturing and pharma development processes.

The Benefits of Working with a Pharmaceutical Consultant

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Things are getting challenging every day in today’s competitive pharmaceutical landscape, especially for the startups who are still in their introduction phase and small pharma businesses. They are faced with complex tasks in different areas, such as research and development, drug product processes, pharma development processes, distribution of drugs, marketing, advertisement, and sales. Not to mention the ever-changing compliance laws and regulations that keep adding to the burden. Read More