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Drug Development

Drug Development – The Drug Discovery, Clinical Trial, and Post-Marketing Surveillance Process

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Table of Contents Pre-Clinical Testing Clinical Trials Human clinical trials are often conducted in phases. There are many phases involved in the creation of a drug. The procedure may need a significant amount of money and effort. Large pharmaceutical firms often have several medication candidates in development at the same time. Only a handful will make it through regulatory clearance and be marketed to the general public. This is why new drugs are so expensive. The expense is to fund this time-consuming and expensive medication development process. The drug development process comprises the following steps: Drug Discovery Pre-clinical testing Clinical trials Post-market surveillance Drug Discovery The process of screening and selecting novel medication candidates is known as drug discovery. Initially, tens of thousands of possible small compounds, natural products, or extracts are tested for desired therapeutic effects. Candidates for protease inhibitors, for example, should bind the protein protease with specific affinity, selectivity, efficacy, and metabolic…

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