Cost Analysis
March 6, 2017

Determination and Management of Should Cost

“As global competition becomes a hot priority for top management in many companies, there is going to be a scramble to lower prices at any cost.” - Supply Chain Quarterly Global competition is a powerful driving force in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, as complexities continue to rise and adjustments to the way we do business need to be met.  Remaining competitive in the rapidly changing global landscape requires companies to reconsider inflexible, outdated and inefficient models of pricing. Prescription drugs often provide effective alternatives to expensive medical procedures and hospital stays. Consequently, spending on prescription drugs as a percentage of the total national health care spending is increasing and is one of the fastest growing components of health care spending.  The cost of bringing a new drug to the marketplace has also been steadily increasing, with manufacturing costs comprising a substantial part of the total cost structure. (more…)
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