Where is the Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry Headed?

By March 15, 2021 Blog
equipment used in drug development and research

If acupuncture and turmeric really did help, nobody would be coming in to hospitals with complaints of arthritis, diarrhea, depression, chronic pain, and so on. While the “all-natural” and “organic” community continues to gain traction, it has not proven to be equally effective at countering ailments.

The reason being this: at the end of the day, a drug carefully developed in a controlled lab environment, tested and tried on participants, will provide a better result than a herb that’s just been used in a region because it was abundant. There’s a reason people in India believe in turmeric, and those in China believe in tea.

The Move toward Prevention

If there’s one thing the pharma industry has learned from its encounters with diseases like cancer and coronavirus, it’s the importance of prevention. We have effectively banished disorders like smallpox from the world—not through cure, but through prevention.

We can speculate, therefore, that the future of the pharmaceutical industry involves a greater interest in preventing major diseases just as diabetes. After all, what are medicines but tonics that delay death?

Technological Tinctures

drug development and research in a controlled lab

The future of everything, and not just that of the pharma industry, is marred by the inevitability of technological interference. In the near future, pharmaceutical industries may very well be manned by robots for greater efficacy and a faster development procedure.

Already, software and applications continue to dominate the pharma world, making procedures like data collection, storage, computation, location, and usage easier. The use of technology comes with the promise of a cost- and time-saving premise—the pharma industry is waking up to that realization.

A Shift Towards Pharmacogenomics

There are about 50 million variations of DNA in the world. While the pharma industry cannot develop drugs customized for each of these 50 million variations, there is good reason to believe that the industry is moving towards more personalized drug development. The use of technology ensures better and faster research, which makes pharmacogenomics all the more probable in the near future.

The Verdict on the Pharmaceutical Industry

The bottom line is: just because some people choose to believe in junk science doesn’t mean actual science stops mattering. The pharmaceutical industry isn’t going awry anytime soon—not unless the miraculous herbal “healers” of the world somehow discover the elixir of life.

Drug development, research, production, and efficacy are very much part of the collective human future—and have greater ramifications now that we have discovered that any day a new virus could mutate and spread to pandemic-level proportions.

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