Pharma Pricing, Cost Analysis
April 4, 2017

Five Tips To Effectively Manage Drug Manufacturing Costs

“OUR INDUSTRY IS POISED TO TRANSLATE OUR MOST PROMISING SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS INTO MEANINGFUL TREATMENTS CAPABLE OF TACKLING THE MOST URGENT AND VEXING MEDICAL CHALLENGES OF OUR TIMES.  WE STAND COMMITTED TO DRIVING PROGRESS FOR PATIENTS TODAY – AND HOPE FOR TOMORROW.” - KENNETH C. FRAZIER, CHAIRMAN & CEO, MERCK Inspirational words, and worthwhile goals to aspire to in manufacturing drugs to improve the lives of countless people.Somewhere in between the idea and the bottle of pills on the shelf, there is the process of manufacturing drugs and the costs associated with that endeavor.  With the increased scrutiny of the public in regards to the cost of drugs, keeping the cost of manufacturing controlled is more important than ever before. (more…)
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