A hospital-wide deployment of TelASK Quit Manager in support of an “OPT-OUT” smoking cessation program

MUSC was one of the first hospital organizations in the United States to launch an opt-out program back in 2013. Under this program the hospital administration adopted a policy whereby all patients using tobacco would be automatically referred to evidence based treatment and would receive follow-up after discharge.

This program, which is supported by TelASK Quit Manager, has been credited with significantly reducing health care costs and 30-day readmission rates and has since expanded to the Hollings Cancer Center, outpatient clinics, the Emergency Department and associated primary care sites.

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Smoking is a chronic relapsing condition. The extended follow-up by TelASK and the triage of smokers to the appropriate help when they need it is a key ingredient to the success of our program at MUSC. We are able to monitor the program closely with the detailed operational and clinical reports we receive at the end of every month from TelASK.

Dr. Phil SmeltzerVP of Population Health