Using the TelASK COPD Tele-System to promote improved self management and action plan
adherence for patients living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

COPD patients receiving treatment at the MCC receive self management education from their care team and a written COPD ACTION PLAN based on the Living Well with COPD™ program.

The TelAsk TELE-SYSTEM checks in with patients regularly using a combination of emails, text messages and automated interactive voice response (IVR) calls. The frequency of contacts can be calibrated to the needs of each patient. Patients are encouraged to initiate inbound calls to the system whenever they feel their symptoms worsening or if they wish to speak with a nurse manager.

Interactions with patients are designed around algorithms developed by Dr. Jean Bourbeau and his team at Montreal Chest Clinic. The results of all patient interactions are logged in a web portal giving clinicians a line of sight to all patients under their care. When a patient reports a problem a member of the care team is alerted by text message and/or secure email. This enables clinicians to focus their attention on those patients most in need of help.

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We began using the TelASK COPD Tele-system as part of a study with 50 patients. The results were so impressive that we began offering the Tele-system to all patients of our clinic before the study was complete. Data from the study has now been reviewed and it shows a marked decrease in use of the healthcare system for patients using the Tele-System: their incidence of hospitalization decreased by 25% and their visits to the hospital day clinic decreased by 33%.

Jean Bourbeau M.D.