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Pharmaceutical Industry Research And Development

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Table of Contents What are the Latest Trends in Pharmaceutical R&D and New Drug Approvals? What Factors Affect Research and Development Spending? Trends in R&D Spending and New Drug Development R&D Spending Each year, the pharmaceutical industry in the United States develops several new medications with substantial medical benefits. Unfortunately, many of these medications are expensive, leading to rising healthcare costs for the private and public sectors. Policymakers have looked at ways to reduce the cost of medications and government drug expenditure, and such restrictions would very likely reduce the pharmaceutical industry’s incentive to do new research. In one study, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analyzes changes in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) spending as well as the introduction of new medications. Additionally, the CBO examines the following factors that affect how much money pharmaceutical companies spend on research and development: Anticipated worldwide profits from a new medication Cost of developing a new drug Government…

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