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Rondaxe employs a diverse group of former directors and senior managers
from the pharmaceutical industry with expertise in chemical, fermentation,
drug product and analytical development and supply chain strategy.


Award Winning Software

When dealing with mountains of data the CentraDATA software can provide
context and structure, which is key to improving the challenging task of
bringing a drug to market.



Tech or technology transfer is a mature discipline that follows a
structured approach with predictable outcomes. Each type of tech
transfer project presents its own set of unique risks. We make sure transfer
protocols are developed to capture the process thoroughly.


Guiding You On The Drug Development Path To Success

Based out of New York, Rondaxe is one of the largest and most experienced international pharmaceutical development companies and CMC consulting groups in the world. We assist both virtual pharma/biotech companies and multi-national pharmaceutical clients from early development and formulation of pharmaceutical products through commercial manufacturing. Services include comprehensive CMC solutions, drug development, manufacturing and global regulatory strategies. [Re]source™ is our proprietary software that allows our clients to accurately and efficiently model Cost of Goods, perform should cost analysis, safely and accurately organize data for Tech Transfer and gives our users full transparency and traceability to simplify complex aforementioned tasks.

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Rondaxe CMC consulting group is focused on providing drug development and manufacturing strategies to the pharmaceutical industry.


Complex pharmaceutical modeling – made easy.


Streamlining and standardizing the Tech Transfer process.

Trusted By Some Of The Largest Pharmaceutical Organizations

Pharmaceutical companies across North America are benefiting from Rondaxe services

What our clients say

“AMPAC Fine Chemicals considers Rondaxe to be a ‘Key Skills Multiplier’ & have benefited from their support in critical strategic engineering and chemistry solutions. Additionally, their market knowledge & industry contact base prove to be of significant benefit to our business”


“Rondaxe Cost of Goods Software gives me a tool to quickly estimate manufacturing costs for intermediates and API, rigorously and reliably. The estimates are easy to understand and I can stand behind them when sharing with management or potential partners. Further, the output reports clearly highlight the key cost drivers and help my team focus their R&D efforts.”

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May 24, 2023

Climate Change and Fungal Diseases: The Role of Environmental Factors

Candida auris fungi, emerging multidrug resistant fungus, 3D illustration Our Changing Climate The impact of climate change on global health is a growing concern, with recent studies indicating that rising temperatures, changes in precipitation patterns, and other environmental factors may be contributing to the emergence of new diseases. In particular, fungal diseases have become an increasing threat in recent years, with a number of new and deadly pathogens emerging in different parts of the world. Fungal diseases have been responsible for several clinically relevant outbreaks, including the recent emergence of Candida auris, a drug-resistant fungus that has spread rapidly across the globe. This and other new fungal pathogens have been linked to environmental factors such as deforestation, agricultural practices, and climate change. How Fungi Capitalize One key way in which climate change is thought to be driving the emergence of new fungal diseases is through change in temperature and precipitation patterns. As temperatures rise and rainfall becomes more erratic, the…
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April 24, 2023

Social Media and Attention: in Defense of TikTok

Social Media and Attention “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” -Samuel Johnson Our Declining Attention Spans The recent publication of Gloria Mark’s recent book: Attention Span, Find focus, Fight Distraction underscores a major shift in society.  The average attention span of American adults, according to her studies, has dropped from about 150 seconds to just 44 seconds since she began taking measurement in the 1990’s.  This is no anomaly, either: other researchers have corroborated her results and have painted an abundantly clear picture of our diminishing capacity to pay attention. Does that sound like a problem?  It can be: since we now digest so much material online, and since lots of jobs involve using the internet, there’s always the possibility of efficiency lost to distractions.  Research suggests that typical American workers spend more time at their desks than ever before, but the average amount of time spent in…
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