Outsourced Pharma SF Wrap up

November 2016

Bringing Pharma and Technology together to discuss collaboration and partnerships

Tech Transfer: Documents Needing People

October 11, 2016

Documents transfer information; people transfer knowledge.

A bit prosaic for your tastes? Perhaps. But there’s little debate regarding the applicability of this axiom to drug development and manufacturing.

Rondaxe sponsors Outsourced Pharma in San Francisco

November 1-2, 2016

We’re bringing together all the parties involved in the business of outsourcing.

That’s really what Outsourced Pharma is all about.

Rondaxe Joins Allotrope Partner Network

June 2016

Allotrope Foundation is a member driven organization, funded by Pharmaceutical companies and driven by subject matter experts from the funding companies.  By joining Allotrope Foundation, you help to ensure that the Framework becomes real

Rondaxe launches drug manufacturing cost prediction tech for CMOs

February 2016

Rondaxe Enterprises says CMOs can more accurately predict the cost of making customers drugs using its new software. 

The platform –called EstiDATA – provides cost estimation and financial modeling for pharmaceutical processes, APIs, and intermediate manufacturing, by combining facility costs, material prices, and supply sources.